Terra Firma

Although we’re aiming for space, here on Terra Firma our new technologies
have some very useful Earth-bound applications.

Heat Coatings

When we began developing our lightweight ceramic rocket engine we developed a material that was highly heat resistant and which could easily be 3D printed. The intellectual property behind this material and process have allowed us to create motorcycle and automotive parts that stay cool to the touch. These heat coatings and printing technologies have applications in a variety of industries.

Positive Structural Molding

We have the ability to 3D print our newly developed heat resistant composite ceramic material. This material can be used to fabricate rocket engines in less than 90 hours as well as automotive products and other applications where a heat resistant material that can be quickly custom fabricated adds value while dramatically reducing manufacturing costs.

From Space to Your Industry

Positive structural molding and the heat coating will be broadly applicable in a wide range of industries. Light-weight, heat-tolerant, highly customizable parts could revolutionize the automotive, motorcycle, industrial equipment and construction industries.

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