Boreas Launch System

BOREAS is a 3-part small satellite launch system with the world’s first solid fueled rocket to thrust, throttle, and vector. With rockets that are 3D printed and scalable to payloads, we offer a practical, cost effective option for the on-demand launches of small satellite payloads.

The Launch Life Cycle

Our launch cycle starts with the mobile launch on your time and your schedule.
At 100k feet, the rocket fires, payload is deployed.

Boreas is a rockoon system that requires no infrastructure and, with a very small team, can be launched from any location.

Our launch cycle starts with the mobile launch on your time and schedule. At 100k feet the rocket fires you to Low Earth Orbit, utilizing either a standard fairing or on our return vehicle, Hyperion. 

A standard fairing system can be used to release payloads. Because of the lack of air resistance upon firing of the rocket at altitude, non-traditionally shaped payload configurations can be used.

Hyperion can carry payloads up to 120kg and provide both power and environmental controls. Hyperion also extends mission length and allows for the customer to change orbits mid-mission.

Hyperion executes a “soft re-entry” (under 1G) into the atmosphere and has the capability of landing at your local airfield, or a location of your choosing. This allows you to have access to your payload data within minutes of it being in orbit.

Balloon: Simple, Effective, Versatile

Our balloon carries the rocket to the atmosphere’s edge, allowing for launch site selections that would be, at best, impractical for a ground based launcher.

Our truly mobile launch system expands the range and options of orbits and missions of your payload. Providing on-demand launches on the site of a critical emergency situation gives you the ability to address geographically based mission needs.

Hyperion: Small Satellite Return System and BOREAS Command and Control

Hyperion is a recoverable drop-ship that contains our on board flight computer, Zeus. Using proprietary non-GPS based tracking technology, Hyperion finalizes a firing solution for the Hermes rocket and places your payload in a discrete orbit.

The wing can also operate as a drone that extends LEO mission length and safely returns valuable payloads

HERMES: 3D Printed. First solid fueled rocket to thrust, throttle, and vector

Hermes is a 3D-Printed rocket capable of carrying scalable payloads to LEO and beyond.

Our disposable Hermes rocket utilizes unique engineering and a proprietary heat coating to achieve a cost effective launch solution. It is the first solid fueled rocket to thrust, throttle, and vector.

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